Ghana ThinkTank Corona, Queens, 2010


Ghana ThinkTank Mobile Workstation, Queens Museum, Open Door Commission, 2011
Built from scratch tear drop trailer, video screens, custom electronics
Dimensions: BIG

The Ghana ThinkTank in Corona invoves a custom-built teardrop trailer designed to journey into different communities
in the “First” world, collecting community (and personal) issues and send ing them to think tanks in Ghana, Cuba, El Salvador,
Mexico, Serbia, Iran, Afghanistan, and on. Once we receive the solutions, our trailer rolls back into the communities, this
time as a mobile workstation, so that we can implement their solutions, whether they strike us as brilliant or impractical…
It’s become a way to explore the friction caused by solutions that are generated in one context and applied elsewhere,
while revealing the hidden as sumptions that govern cross-cultural inter actions















ghana-think-tank-teardrop copy