Ghana ThinkTank: Shenzhen, 2011

gtt-1Ghana ThinkTank at the Hong Kong / Shenzhen Biennial, 2011
Installation: salvaged wood, tires, iron chains, and video screens, custom electronics,
custom neon
Dimensions: 40’ X 27‘

Ghana ThinkTank collected problems from the people of Shenzhen, a booming
metropolis in China’s Southern Guangdong Province. The city which grew from a
tiny fishing village to a major urban center in just over 30 years suffered from many
of the typically “Western” problems. We designed this display based on a pneumatic
fender to house 32 videos of residents submitting their problems for
resolution by our network of international think tanks. The audio tracks of each of
the video loops created a murmuring soundtrack for the installation.

Learn more about the Ghana ThinkTank here.



















A work in progress.







































Legal Waiting Zone in Shenzhen.