Digital Poplar Consort, 2009


Digital Poplar Consort, 2009
Electronic musical instruments: poplar, custom electronics
Dimensions: vary

The Digital Poplar Consort is a family of wireless hand-made sensor based musical instruments. Each instrument provides a different interface to a gesture based system for electronic sound processing and synthesis.

This project explores the ways in which musicians approach the physical interface of the instrument with their bodies when attempting to produce musical sound and how a  “musical instrument” may differ (or not) from a “controller.”  Each of the instruments is unique, hand crafted from wood, and infused with some amount of preciousness. Their creation recalls the traditional art of musical instrument making and takes this practice into the realm of experimental electroacoustic chamber music.





This is a video of the Brown University Improvisation Ensemble playing the instruments in 2009.


This is a video of Dr. Kevin Patton and Dr. Joseph Rovan in a elctronic sound duel at the New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference, 2012.













Here is an audience recorded video of a performance in Montreal at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in 2009. I am playing the small hand held instrument students named “Fossil.”