Maria del Carmen Montoya

I am an artist working in participatory art, performance and new media. I am interested in the communal process of making meaning. As an artist I attempt to catalyze this natural social phenomena with situations that explore the potential of human-scale intervention in the presumed inevitability of everyday life. My approach is DIY and collaborative. I believe that art can be a potent crucible for social change. Thus, my work is often about resistance and challenging norms, inverting power hierarchies and breaking rules, but I also traffic in beauty, memory, humor and other potentially radical forces for activating communities.

I have lived and worked throughout Latin America where I served as the sole interpreter for an assembly of rural villages in San Salvador, an advocate for battered women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and an English teacher for a craft cooperative in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. My work has been shown at SIGGRAPH, PERFORMA, New Museum Festival of Ideas, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, Venice Biennial of Architecture and Visiones Sonoras, in Morelia, Mexico, where I cofounded an artist residency for multimedia performance art.  In 2013, my collective, Ghana ThinkTank, was awarded a Creative Capital grant in Emerging fields for a project that is meant to spark  problem solving collaborations between immigrants and anti-immigrant factions on the US/Mexico border.